Recruitment Information and Format

The Recruitment Desk will provide you with information on applying to be a Traffic Operator within the Bureau of Traffic Services.

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Reinstatement information can be found in the recruitment information topic.
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Recruitment Information and Format

Post by Thomas Warren » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:03 pm

Recruitment Information and Format

The Bureau of Traffic Services is the leader in towing and recovery. The company offers you the chance to earn the well-needed experience to expand your opportunities in your career and learning new skills that can be applied throughout various careers. Whether you plan on a prolonged career, or are looking for a part-time job with us, the department's environment has something for you. In the BoTS family, you are not just an employee, you are a family member.

Notes for Retired Employees:
  • If you are a previous employee and want to reinstate, you have to apply once again stating your old rank. The management team will then discuss which rank you can be given again after making sure that you still have the knowledge about this job. If you forgot what you have learnt before, don't worry. Our Human Resources Team will train you again.
  • You are exempt from the 75 word requirement, however, you should still put forth effort to establish your intentions to join again.
  • Application title should be like this example: Reinstatement - John Doe

  • (( Make sure you've registered to our forums with your full IC name, ex. John Doe - if you failed to so, request a username change HERE. ))
  • (( Also make sure that your character has at least 10 hours. Applying with a character with less than 10 hours will lead to a denial.))

How to Apply?
For new applicants:
  • Create a new topic here:
  • Use the following format for the title: Application - Forename Surname.
  • Use the format below for the content. Fill everything in.
  • If you do not show up for your interview within 7 days, your application will be denied.
  • If you haven't received a response within 48 hours, you may call 9021 or contact the management.
Application FormShow

Code: Select all

[center][b][size=200][color=#000000]Employment Application[/color][/size][/b][/center]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION I - PERSONAL INFORMATION][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]I.I - Title:[/b] Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr
[b]I.II - Forename:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.III - Middle Name:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.IV - Surname:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]

[b]I.V - Gender:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.VI - Date of Birth:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.VII - Are you a citizen of the United States?:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]

[b]I.IX - Residential Address:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.X - Contact Information[/b]
[b]I.X.I - Cellular Number:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]I.X.III - E-mail (if applicable):[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i][/legend]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION II - EDUCATIONAL RECORDS][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]II.I - High School[/b]
[b]II.I.I - School Name:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]II.I.II - City, State:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]II.II - Higher Education[/b]
[b]II.II.I - University Name:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]II.II.II - City, State:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]II.II.III - Type of Diploma:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i] [/legend]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION III - CRIMINAL RECORDS][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color] 
[b]III.I - Do you have any past felonious convictions?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]III.I.I - If yes, elaborate:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]III.II - Do you have any past misdemeanor convictions?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]III.II.I - If yes, elaborate:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]III.III - Have you received a ticket in the last 3 years (( 3 weeks ))?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]III.III.I - If yes, elaborate:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]III.IV - Are you currently subject to criminal trial and/or are a defendant of an ongoing court case?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No[/legend]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION IV - LICENSES][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]IV.I - Automotive License:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]IV.II - Motorbike License:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]IV.III - Boat License:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]IV.V - Concealed Carry Weapon Permit (firearm license):[/b] [ ] Tier 1 | [ ] Tier 2 | [ ] None of them[/legend]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION V - MEDICAL RECORDS][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]V.I - Are you physically, mentally and psychologically fit to work efficiently?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]V.I.I - If not, what deems you unfit?[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]V.II - Have you recently undergone any medical surgery?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]V.III - Do you drink alcoholic beverages?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]V.III.I - If yes, how often?:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]V.III.II - If yes, do you understand that you are not permitted to be on duty while under the influence?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]V.IV - Are you currently taking any prescribed medicines or drugs?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]V.IV.I - If yes, what are they?:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i][/legend]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION VI - PROFESSIONAL RECORDS][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]VI.I - Please list down all your previous or current employers below [size=1]Add/remove as necessary[/size][/b]
[b]VI.II - Have you ever been employed within a towing company before?:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]VI.II.I - If yes, what are they?:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]VI.II.II - If it was our company and you were an employee before, please state your former rank:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i][/legend]

[legend=#FF8000 SECTION VII - QUESTIONNAIRE][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
[b]VII.I - Why do you want to become employed within The Bureau of Traffic Services?[/b] [i]Minimum 75 words[/i]
[b]VII.II-  What makes you stand out from other applicants?[/b] [i]Minimum 75. words[/i]
[legend=#FF8000 SECTION VIII - (( OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION ))][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
(( [b]VII.I - Account Name:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i] ))
(( [b]VIII.II - OwlGaming Forums Name:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i] ))
(( [b]VIII.III - Is this your main character?[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No ))
(( [b]VIII.IV - Screenshot of all your characters ([url=]From your UCP[/url]) [size=2]Active, inactive and CK’ed[/size][/b]))
[spoiler][IMG]LINK HERE[/IMG][/spoiler]
(( [b]VIII.V - Geographic Location and Timezone:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i] ))
(( [b]VIII.VI - Age:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i] ))
(( [b]VIII.VII - Direct link to your admin record ([url][/url]):[/b]  [i]RESPONSE[/i] ))
(( [b]VIII.VIII - Screenshot of your /stats:[/b] [spoiler][img]LINK HERE[/img][/spoiler] ))[/legend]

[legend=#FF8000 SECTION IX - DECLARATION][color=#FFFFFF]white[/color]
I, undersigned applicant, certify that all the information I have provided on this application is true, thorough and complete to the best of my knowledge, and that I did not withhold or conceal any information that could be deemed important for evaluation purposes of my recruitment application, and that I have filled out this application fully on my own without any interference from a third party.

I hereby authorize the Bureau of Traffic Services to conduct a thorough background check on myself which includes, but is not limited to, previous employers, criminal record, medical record as well as any inquiries that can assist the Bureau of Traffic Services in evaluating this application.

By submitting this application, I understand and accept that I may be subject of denial for any reason deemed justified by the Bureau of Traffic Services. I will not sue the Bureau of Traffic Services for any of the aforementioned points.
[b]IX.I - I have read and thoroughly understand the above declaration, and hereby accept it:[/b] [ ] Yes | [ ] No
[b]IX.II - Signature:[/b] [i]RESPONSE[/i]
[b]IX.III - Date:[/b] DD/MM/YYYY[/legend]

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