Bureau of Traffic Services - Team Roster

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Thomas Warren
Managing Director
Managing Director
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Bureau of Traffic Services - Team Roster

Post by Thomas Warren » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:38 pm

Bureau of Traffic Services Employees

Thomas Warren

Assistant Director
Alex Huggins

General Manager

Nathan Moreau
Elizabeth McCorona
Frank O'Donnell
Ray Payne
Valentin Payne

Senior Traffic Operator
Charlie Hanks
Nathan Gardner

Traffic Operator II
Rajesh Pali
Rory McPlain

Traffic Operator I
Beatrice Marlow
Donald Hopkins
Sydney Carton
Dave Morello
Emily Cooper
Gabe James
Marcus Stonewell
Scot Blaze
Sophia Charles
Jacob Escobar

Probationary Traffic Operator
Brian Harper
Charles Wolfe
Connor Baines
Don Pinto
Rick Victoria
Alan Hudgins

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