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You can post a complaint against an technician/operator here.
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Please send this form to the Management staff.

(( You can do this by composing a PM and selecting "Management" group as the recipients. ))

Report an Employee

Personal Information

Name: <Answer>
Phone Number <Answer>
E-mail <Answer>
Date of Birth <Answer>
Employer: <Answer>


Witness(es) Name(s): <Answer>
Witness(es) Phone Number <Answer>

Employee's Information

Employee's Name: <Answer>
Employee's Rank: <Answer>


Reason for complaint: <Answer>
Description of the incident: <Answer>
Location of the incident: <Answer>
Time of the incident: <Answer>
Date of the incident: <Answer>
Evidence: <Answer>

(Only if applicable)

Injuries sustained: <Answer>
Handling paramedic/medic: <Answer>
Date of treatment: <Answer>

Additional comments: <Answer>

Date: <Answer>
Signature: <Answer>

Copy the following code, fill it in and make a new thread in this section.

Code: Select all

[size=150][b][i][u]Report an Employee[/u][/i][/b][/size][/center]

[size=130][b][u]Personal Information[/u][/b][/size]

[b]Name:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Phone Number[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]E-mail[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Date of Birth[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Employer:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]


[b]Witness(es) Name(s):[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Witness(es) Phone Number[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]

[size=130][b][u]Employee's Information[/u][/b][/size]

[b]Employee's Name:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Employee's Rank:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]


[b]Reason for complaint:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Description of the incident:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Location of the incident:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Time of the incident:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Date of the incident:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Evidence:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]

(Only if applicable)[/size]

[b]Injuries sustained:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Handling paramedic/medic:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Date of treatment:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]

[b]Additional comments:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]

[b]Date:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i]
[b]Signature:[/b] [i]<Answer>[/i][/divbox]