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Eric Walker
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General Manager
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Tue May 08, 2018 10:09 am

Greetings Everyone,

The Management Team decided that we want to receive suggestions from citizens of Los Santos. We do care about your opinions.

If you got any idea or suggestion that you think may help us improving our company, then you came to right place.

To submit your suggestions, make a new thread using the format below.

Title format example: [Suggestion] John Due

Full Name: Answer
E-mail: Answer
Today's Date: DD/MM/YYYY

Your Suggestion: Answer
How do you think this would help us? Answer

((OwlGaming Forum Name: Answer ))
Format code:

Code: Select all


[b]Full Name:[/b] Answer
[b]E-mail:[/b] Answer
[b]Today's Date:[/b] [i]DD/MM/YYYY[/i]

[b]Your Suggestion:[/b] Answer
[b]How do you think this would help us?[/b] Answer

[b]((OwlGaming Forum Name:[/b] Answer ))