Unlawful Impound Report

Fill in a report here if you believe that your vehicle has been unlawfully impounded
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Unlawful Impound Report

Your Information
Name: Sakura Takata
Address: #6 San Pedro Avenue
Phone-number: 582185
E-mail: [email protected]
Bank account number: 8494 4170 2841 6178

Vehicle Information
Vehicle model: Ford F-250
Vehicle type: Super Duty Crew Cab
License plate: GL6 1185
VIN: 23872

Location of parking: Front of my house. #6 San Pedro Avenue
Date of impound: 31.03.2019

Why do you think this impound was unlawful?: It was parked in front of my house like 2 other vehicles of my neighbours. Their cars didn't got impounded, while my car was. Also had to pay 125$ to release it.
Sam McGinty
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Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:54 pm

Greetings Ms. Takata,

We're aware of your concerns about your vehicle having been unlawfully impounded but sadly your vehicle had been parked in a manner that violates county's parking regulations and vehicle code as it was caught parked against the flow of vehicles traffic according to the lane it was on. If you wish to learn more about vehicle code and parking regulations please refer to this webpage: Here

A photograph should be attached below to demonstrate current violation.
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Operations Supervisor

Sam McGinty
Operations Supervisor - Human Resources Manager
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