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Here, you can submit a request for a ride-along with any of our operators.

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Namira Carter
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Mon May 06, 2019 2:50 pm

Ride-along Request

I.I - Full Name: Namira Carter
I.II - Date of Birth: 10/11/1990
I.III - Phone Number: 673334
I.IV - Residential Address: 1442 Liberty Ave, Market
II.I - Why are you requesting a ridealong within our department? Would like to attend ridealongs in order to improve relations between LSPD and BOTS, to ensure communications are adapted and to also get a bigger overview on how we can help bots at situations.
II.II - Are you considering joining our department in the future? No
III.I - In-game Username: Vubstersmurf.
III.II - Owlgaming Forum Name: Vubstersmurf
III.III - Link to admin history from UCP: https://owlgaming.net/mta/history/eyJ1c ... Ju-aMF3Wc/.
I, Namira Carter , certify that all the information I have provided on this application is true, thorough and complete to the best of my knowledge, and that I did not withhold or conceal any information that could be deemed important for evaluation purposes of my recruitment application, and that I have filled out this application fully on my own without any interference from a third party.

I hereby authorize the Bureau of Traffic Services to conduct a thorough background check on myself which includes, but is not limited to, previous employers, criminal record, medical record as well as any inquiries that can assist the Bureau of Traffic Services in evaluating this application.

By submitting this application, I understand and accept that I may be subject to denial for any reason deemed justified by the Bureau of Traffic Services. I will not sue the Bureau of Traffic Services for any of the aforementioned points.

IV.I - I have read and thoroughly understand the above declaration, and hereby accept it: [X] Yes | [ ] No
IV.II - Signature: N.Carter
IV.III - Date: 06/05/2019
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Thomas Warren
Managing Director
Managing Director
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Mon May 06, 2019 2:56 pm

Ride-along Request Response]

To Namira Carter,

After reviewing your request for a ride along, we have decided to accept it. Therefore, you may now call our hotline (9021) and request the ride along within any of our operators.
You'll have maximally 7 days from the request acceptance day to conduct it. This period should also be enough in case you called while there's not available unit to pick your call.


Thomas Warren
Bureau of Traffic Services