2000 Chevy Suburban.

Fill in a report here if you believe that your vehicle has been unlawfully impounded
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Scott Locheed
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Sun May 12, 2019 3:49 pm

Unlawful Impound Report

Your Information
Name: Scott Locheed
Address: 1, Verona Beach Blvd.
Phone-number: 406541
E-mail: [email protected]
Bank account number: 1795 8976 8735 9101

Vehicle Information
Vehicle model: 2000 Chevy Suburban, Black.
Vehicle type: SUV
License plate: 25291
VIN: 25291

Location of parking: Outside 1, Verona Beach Blvd.
Date of impound: 12/05/2019

Why do you think this impound was unlawful?: My vehicle impound was unlawful because I had originally parked on my rented property. (which I had signed in my lease for one parking spot, also indicated by property owner previous to my purchasing.) My vehicle was towed initially for being parked on my own property in front of my camera which I have video evidence of. After this tow, I had un-impounded my vehicle from their lot and brought it home. I further checked the Vehicle code Parking regulations and found out that in residential, a vehicle much have two tires on the street and two on the curb, not against the flow of traffic. As I am parking my vehicle, two gentlemen in a tow truck observe me park my SUV in the designated parking along the road. I also know that in these parking regulations you may not park along a highway, which is why I clarified with these tow truck drivers. Perhaps this is an odd case and the residential issue conflicts with the highway issue. I feel as I am not held responsible for either of these tows. I had followed rules both ways by the parking regulations, but since they conflict here we are. I am very familiar with parking regulations and issues like this. I recently put in an application to be apart of the team and having this on my record when it should not be is further than I could allow. Moving forward I would like to have officials from the Bureau inspect my rented property and lease if they'd like to come up with a way that works for us both. I have some ideas myself. Thank you in advance.
Sam McGinty
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Mon May 13, 2019 1:11 pm

Greetings Mr. Locheed,

Lemme start off by quoting this enactment:
Inside a residential zone, defined by a street which primarily contains houses, you may park your car or similar vehicle and leave it unattended with two wheels on the sidewalk and two wheels off the sidewalk. You may not park all four wheels on the sidewalk or park in a manner that obstructs the flow of traffic or create a hazard.

It's clear that the county law states that only in a residential area drivers are allowed to park their vehicles with two wheels on the road and two on the sidewalk; however, in this case, you're clearly parked on an interstate with all wheels on the sidewalk. Parking along an interstate is strictly forbidden.
Your vehicle was proven lawfully impounded by our operators since not only it's parked along an interstate but also parked in a no-parking zone; as the space your vehicle was occupying isn't accurately designated as a parking space. If you wish to learn more about vehicle code and parking regulations please refer to this webpage here.
However, if you have any concerns or inquiries whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reply here and you'll be further assisted by supervisory staff.
I'll keep the topic unlocked for 3 days unless any discussion was opened.

A photograph should be attached below to demonstrate current violation.
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Operations Supervisor

Sam McGinty
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