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п»їMango take advantage of the 20% drop in prices! |
Mango take advantage of the 20% drop in prices! The Catalan firm Mango has decided to side with its customers and given the situation of global economic crisis, has decided to lower 20% on average, the prices of their garments from the spring / summer 2012 collection. This strategy has been carried out Thanks to the negotiation with the main suppliers, but without lowering the quality of the materials, although not all garments will have this discount, if not that it is an average, some products will exceed it and others will not reach 20% compared to the collection previous. Now we just have to take advantage and wait for the imitation effect on other chains.
The winter sales have just finished and there are still four months left until the summer sales arrive, so these months are difficult to buy clothes and more with the economic crisis we are suffering. Therefore, the Mango firm has decided to make a general reduction of an average of 20% of its products in the spring / summer 2012 collection.
This decision is not due to a decrease in sales or Mango benefits, but to an adaptation to the economic situation and an awareness with its customers, as a spokeswoman for the company founded and chaired by Isaac Andic has declared.
The company has not explained why this decision has been made at this time, and not before, but they have clarified that not all garments will have this 20% discount, but that some will have a greater discount and others less, that is, that 20% is an average.
In addition, this movement is not something punctual if not in the long term, and prices will not increase in the following season to compensate. On the margins of profitability of the firm a contraction of the same one is not anticipated, because not only the prices have lowered, but also the prices that it pays to the suppliers, but maintaining the quality thanks to the work done by the purchasing department.
But not all Mango subsidiaries are going to have this price drop, for neither the Touch accessories line, nor the male H.E. whose image is again Gerard PiquГ© for this summer, they will have this reduction in their products.
What is quite evident is that Mango's commercial rivals are supposed to imitate this strategy in order to compete, the most anticipated being that of the Inditex Group that will reveal it shortly when Pablo Isla communicates the annual results within two weeks and of clues about its strategy during 2012.
In addition, to communicate this 20% drop campaign, Mango has launched an advertising campaign starring its female image, the British model Kate Moss, which will be broadcast in 38 countries throughout the world.
Good news is the Mango price drop, because in addition the spring / summer 2012 collection of the Catalan firm is one of the best we have seen in recent years and surely you want to buy some of the models, so now you It will cost a little less.

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