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п»їDukan attack phase: yogurts and dairy allowed |
What are the yogurts and dairy allowed in the attack phase of the Dukan diet? We are in the first phase of a diet that will help us get rid of extra pounds, yes, without skipping the list of allowed foods. Are all dairy products the same? This is the question we are going to try to answer to help you choose the right ones for the attack phase.
Within the list of allowed foods in the Dukan attack phase are dairy products, such as milk, yogurts and cheeses, although with differences between them. Thus, for example, not all types of cheeses are allowed in this first phase. In fact, as you will see, the attack phase is the most restrictive of the four phases of the Dukan method (attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization) in terms of foods that we can include in the weekly menu. The goal is to lose weight, with proteins being the real protagonists of this first phase.
Together with oat bran, a food that will be present throughout the diet, we can take dairy, but which ones? And, above all, are they all the same? Dairy products provide an essential mineral to our diet, calcium.
Dairy Dukan attack phase
Unlike in other slimming diets, the Dukan method does allow the consumption of dairy products from the first phase. Given that the goal is to lose weight and that not all dairy products are the same, the question is: What dairy products can we include in the shopping list if we are in the attack phase? Skim milk, fresh skim cheese (Burgos type), fresh beaten cheese, cottage cheese (skimmed), skimmed yogurt (natural or flavored). We can also include skimmed milk powder to accompany coffee or tea for breakfast.
When choosing dairy products it is advisable that they be skimmed, both milk and yogurts, which, thanks to their bacteria, help regulate the intestinal flora and prevent constipation, a problem that can appear when we are on a diet or when we change the food. The cheese, better choose low fat, if possible with 0% fat. The fresh cheese can also be taken smoothie. Avoid cheeses with too much fat, such as cured or semi-cured.
With a glass of milk a day (the maximum recommended amount of milk in the Dukan diet) and a couple of yogurts we will get the necessary calcium intake in our daily diet. Following the recommendations of the Dukan diet, at this stage it is advisable that dairy consumption does not exceed 800 ml a day. If we notice a stagnation in weight loss, we can reduce this amount and leave it around 500 ml.
Dairy products are especially important at the first meal of the day, the breakfast of the attack phase. Remember that for the diet to be a success, not only do you have to complete the four Dukan phases, respecting the list of allowed and prohibited foods, but adopt healthy habits such as not skipping meals, especially breakfast, and staying active (with the practice of regular physical exercise).

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